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2012 Reviews

    Comments from our patrons about our 2012 production of Pirates…

    • Elva – Just Great! Thank you!
    • Jerry & Pat – Always good talent and entertainment.
    • Liz – Awesome job!  This is one of my favorite musicals and they did an amazing job!
    • Rhonda - I absolutely loved this show. It was fast paced, beautifully choreographed, the singing was exceptional, the costumes were wonderful, and each and every character was perfectly cast. Remember this is Community Theater and it played better than most equity theater I have seen lately. It was a great farce done beautifully. It is well worth the money.
    • Jennifer – Than you for your dedication to live musical Theatre at an affordable price!
    • Marianne – Thank you for such an entertaining evening.
    • Carol – Absolutely wonderful – surprisingly impressive voices and production – a must see!
    • Rhonda (second time) - I had seen this show in Central Park in New York almost 35 years ago and I had forgotten how much I love this musical. It is so cleverly done and the songs so memorable. This cast was also memorable. Each one was a bigger ham than the other. It was hilarious...I couldn't stop laughing. You can tell that a choreographer directed this show as each scene was precise and the big production numbers were spot on. The voices of the cast were beautiful, the costumes were great. Every character gave 100% to make this a fabulous show. Don't miss it.
    • Rowdy -  The cast was extraordinary- multi talented and marvelous voices, full of spirit and energy!!! It was a great show for all ages as it offered a variety of scenes, songs, dance routines in every scene. The cast seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the audience. It was a great way to introduce young people to Gilbert and Sulivan and operas.
    • Gloria - The entire cast did an outstanding job. The musical is extremely enjoyable. The cast is very talented!
    •  - Great play! Well executed. I've heard about this musical my whole life and obviously knew the famous hit from the show. It was surprisingly well done by this troupe. Very lively and the singing was impeccable. I thought I was listening to a professional choir group at times. The Major-General was played wonderfully and charming. I watched the original rendition of his famous song on You Tube and I'd have to say that the Major-General in this production was even more entertaining. My favorite character, however, was the lead Pirate King. He was mesmerizing whenever he was on stage. My wife felt the same way. i would love to see the same production again!
    •  - Absolutely delightful. A very nice production from a solid community theatre troupe. Some really excellent voices in the cast. The extras were fun to watch... great community players who were obviously giving their all.
    • - A group of us attended Pirates of Penzance at Irondale High School, we had a wonderful time. From picking up the tickets to the ushers everyone was special. As for the players they were fantastic an that includes the music conductor. We laughed so much can't say enough good about it. Thank you.
    • - Minimal set...but very professional leads...great singing orchestra. Prancing Pirate King. G&S fans will enjoy it. A few too many daughters Major General. Well Done community theater!!