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2013 Reviews

    on our 2013 production of Les Misérables...

    • From one of our Volunteers ~ a young girl (8 or so) was looking at the silent auction items and we got to chatting. During intermission I saw her standing with her family and commented to the parents that people often ask me if this show is appropriate for children. The mother commented that the girl loved it but she (the mother) was a little concerned with the swearing. The girl looked at us and said "Was there swearing? I didn't hear any."
    • Chat with a patron in the lobby during intermission ~ she had seen all of our last 15 or so shows and commented that this is the best ever. The emotions brought out on the stage and by the music are so strong it can be felt by everyone in the audience. She was amazed at the size of the cast and the quality of the talent in each and every one of them.
    • David from Blaine ~ Fantastic! Great singing and great orchestra. Very, very good everything.
    • Diane from St Paul ~ Great production! That Maggie Koebele is outstanding.
    • Nancy from the Twin Cities ~ Absolutely fabulous, not a weak vocalist in the troupe? Excellent set, lights and sound and the orchestra, WOW! Just heads up, the auditorium is super air-conditioned. Dress Accordingly.
    • John & Helen from New Brighton ~ The intense passionate desire of cast & crew to add meaning to life through the art of theatre performance is unmistakable.
    • Heather from Mounds View ~ Wow! Fantastic!!!!! You always do a great job, but this was so excellent. My in-laws were excited to go because they love musical theater (both are trained musicians), but I think they were going into the performance with low expectations thinking, well, this is community theater! They raved about the performance all evening last night - they were totally impressed!
    • Beth from White Bear ~ The play is PHENOMINAL!!!
    • Rhonda from the Twin Cities ~ If you want to know how great the show is, imagine 5 performances and 5 standing ovations. Enough said... don't miss this show.
    • Julie, Recreational Director ~ "I just had to call because I've had nothing but rave reviews of last night's performance. Oh My God, they loved it! They were saying it was better than some of the New York productions they've gone to. Kudos! It was wonderful! They loved their seats; the wheel chair spot was perfect; thanks for setting us up!"
    • Renee from Columbia Heights ~ It was a GREAT show. I did Community Theater for years with my entire family when I was young, and I was so impressed by this show. Some of the voices were really stellar. What an enjoyable experience! I also won one of the silent auction items, so that was cool, too!
    • Rhonda from the Cities ~ This was a brilliantly cast show and beautifully executed. The orchestra was sublime and the vocal presentation was extraordinary. Worth every penny.
    • Lesley from Kentucky ~ Beautifully done! The set was gorgeous and well thought out – it set the perfect mood and was very believable.
    • Renee from Minneapolis ~ Wonderful production, costumes, music and singing!! Thank you for all your hard work!
    • Judith from Columbia Heights ~ Thanks for the cupcake. I was happy to be able to get a reserved ticket at the last moment. Another dedicated patron said, "You have the best productions in our community."
    • Wm & Nancy from New York ~ Excellent production! Very talented cast, excellent staging.
    • Vicki from the Twin Cities ~ Very very impressive for a community theatre to take on this show! I was very moved by the performances, and the set, effects and orchestra were terrific as well. We have such talent in this town.
    • Ginger from Crystal ~ MVCT's performances of Les Miz equals touring casts.
    • Donna from Fridley ~ I've seen "Les Miserables" four times – this production is AWESOME! What a Talented cast and wonderful orchestra.
    • Elena from Shoreview ~ The show is great! Great performance!!! I loved it.
    • Elda from Mounds View ~ The performances was amazing – Thank you Camilla
    • Rose from Shoreview ~ This was a great show! We really enjoyed it, found it amazing that Community Theatre can be so "professional."
    • Cindy from Forest Lake ~ Excellent set and cast! Loved it.
    • Ron from Brooklyn Park ~ Les Mis is fantastic, best ever. We came back to see it again.
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