Reviews - The Drowsy Chaperone

"I saw the play on Friday, July 22. It was fabulous; it was joyful! I am checking to see if a couple of friends who were not there that night want to see it with me."

“I did come with several friends and we loved the performance.  So many of the characters made us laugh.  Their voices were great and the man in the chair was wonderful.  He reminded us of Jack Paar.  Congratulations on a winner of a production."

“I really do appreciate your efforts, and we thoroughly enjoyed the show yesterday. We can't wait to come back.”

“Funny production, loved tt.”

“Awesome show!  I really enjoyed the snake charmer.”

“Fantabulous show!  Great orchestra.”

“The set is beautiful and the orchestra sounds great.  I’m enjoying all the great characters and it’s a lot of fun!”

“Amazing voices.”

“This is lots of fun, hilarious”

“Loved the tap routine at the beginning of the show.”

“The play is lots of fun and the cast is very talented.” 

“Every production at MVCT is wonderful and not being familiar with what this show was, it didn’t disappoint.”

“Wonderful performance, cast and musicians are great.”

 I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  The casting was GREAT!  The narrator was amazing!

AMAZING SHOW!!  Perfect balance of comedy and suspense!  I would love to see this group again.

MVCT does a super job…A+. The costumes are incredible.

Great talent! Lots of laughs